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Cornbread With Caramelized Onion and Chèvre


Last Thanksgiving in Melbourne, I made a new cornbread recipe that everyone loved; but my sister-in-law loved it the most! :) She loved it so much, she requests it when we have get togethers, like this past Mother’s Day.

This cornbread is unique, in that it has goat cheese and caramelized onion mixed through, giving it that twangy, savory flavor. The goat cheese also adds to the texture, making it a bit more supple.

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HOME BAKED: Chocolate Chip Banana Bread


There’s no doubt, chocolate and banana is a powerhouse flavor combo. I love bananas dipped in chocolate, chocolate and banana gelato, banana crepe drizzled with melted chocolate, and of course, chocolate chip banana bread.

My mom has been using this recipe for a while; my wife and I now bake it often. It’s delicious and comforting warm out of the oven or consumed cold, right out of the fridge (this is how I prefer it).

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